It was so fun to receive Stacey McDevitt’s interview answers for this post! I really had a good chuckle when I read about the “heavy hutch”.

Stacey is the owner of Ramshackled Treasures, a store in Zimmerman, Minnesota. This will be her third year setting up at the Junk Bonanza. Stacey told me her favorite Junk Bonanza memory happened last year. After a particularly long day of packing their truck full of treasures to bring to the Bonanza they returned home and found a LARGE hutch on their driveway. Seems Stacey had forgotten about the piece and their truck was now full. Her husband (like most) encouraged her to leave the piece at home; it was just too large and heavy to haul. Stacey agreed.

Turns out one of Stacey’s dealers who was helping her at the Bonanza had room in her truck so they decided to bring the “heavy hutch”. (it is at this point in her story that Stacey says, “did I mention how heavy it was?”)

When Stacey and her husband arrived at Canterbury and saw where their space was in relation to where they parked they became very reluctant to move the piece inside, but after discovering the young men who are charged with helping dealers move pieces they decided to let them move the “heavy hutch” into their space.

Guess what was the first piece of furniture that Stacey sold on opening day?

Yep, the “heavy hutch”! Of course they used the services of the strong young men to once again put the piece in the buyer’s vehicle.

What a great story!

With the help of two of her most creative dealers, Stacey will be bringing a great assortment of treasures. Her most popular items have been painted furniture in shade’s of robin’s egg blue, reds, yellows, blacks and whites. She will also be selling one-of-a-kind” door tables.

Ramshackled Treasures in downtown Zimmerman is open every weekend. You can visit their website or fan them on Facebook.

Happy Junking!

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  1. I’m thinking that “heavy hutch” is the one my best friend and I bought within minutes of our early bird shopping spree last year! 🙂 Ha! 🙂 can’t wait to shop for treasures next month. We’ve been talking about it ALL YEAR! 🙂

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