With the Junk Bonanza fast approaching I thought it would be helpful to let you know about some exciting details and information. Of course, you could always just visit the Junk Bonanza website yourself and find out all the juicy details but I thought doing a simple “did you know” rundown would be more fun. And who doesn’t like a bit of fun on a Monday morning?

Did you know…..that Early Bird tickets that include a free tote bag are almost sold out? Of course, you can always buy Early Bird tickets but don’t you want the spiffy tote bag to hold your junk?

Did you know…..that on Friday, September 17 shoppers will have the chance to win coupons valued at $50 or more for shopping in specific vendor booths? This is your chance to make your shopping dollars go farther and buy more junk!

Did you know….that Marshall’s Farm Market is returning to the Junk Bonanza this year, offering local harvest goods and gourmet food items for sale!

Did you know…..that Ki, along with Heather Bullard (Senior Editor)will be signing copies of Flea Market Style magazine at the Junk Bonanza?

Did you know…..that Amy Barickman and Sandy Stone will be signing copies of their new books on Saturday, September 18th?

Did you know…..that the Junk Bonanza will have a booth at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days Antiques show? Stop by either Friday or Saturday, August 20th & 21st to get a sneak peek at what you can expect to find at the Junk Bonanza!

And last but not least – go checkout my friend Amy’s blog for a chance to win a fun Junk Bonanza/Flea Market Style giveaway!

Happy Junking!

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  1. Oh Jill STOP IT….With EACH post I’m in danger of SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING….I really don’t think it’s possible to maintian this level of excitement without experiencing some long term physical side effects….hahahahahaha….!

    Looking forward to the Q&A….!!

    29 days to GO….WOOHOO….hahahahahaha…!!!!

    Cheers from OZ,
    Tamarah :o)

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