Let’s hear it for a few veteran vendors!

Suzanne Thiesfeld of Objects and Art will be a third year vendor at this year’s Junk Bonanza! Suzanne was in the tent in 2008 when the torrential rains literally “dampened” the atmosphere! Suzanne remembers fondly that most everyone’s spirits remained positive, “One just has to laugh when it’s out of your control!”

Suzanne has been selling her flea market and thrift store finds for about 10 years. She sells at three sales a year and says that the friendly atmosphere, unique vendors and great customers make Junk Bonanza her favorite.

Suzanne plans to bring a lot of cabin décor to the Bonanza this year, including, old phones, weird crafts from the 60’s, nature objects, western boots and cowboy hats. Suzanne’s personal works of art and painting will also be for sale in her booth! She paints in oils and also makes custom signs.

Brenda and Tom Weber of Autumn Place Arts return to the Junk Bonanza this year in the same tent location they were in last year. This husband/wife team will bring gorgeous typewriter jewelry, recycled jewelry (bracelets, necklaces and earrings), plants stakes made from vintage silverware, recycled home décor, painted furniture and Tom’s famous American flags made with wooden bats and baseballs!

Autumn Place Arts are regular vendors at Haupt Antiek’s monthly occasional sales in addition to selling their jewelry to five retail accounts. Brenda works full-time as a Area Manager for a produce specialist. She says she “literally” moonlights as a junk artist!

The 4 French Hens is actually a collaboration of two friends and retired public school teachers, Sally Borgen and Kendra Creevy. Sally says, “Both of us work very hard at being successful retirees”. This will be their third year as vendors at the Junk Bonanza!

4 French Hens specialize in recycled items – furniture, fabrics and dishes. They also make items to sell – sachets, tote bags, jewelry, aprons and mixed media pieces. They love anything that reminds them of growing up from 1938 on – but also have a fondness for items from the 50’s.

Be on the look out for these three veterans at the 2010 Junk Bonanza!

Up next – do you know that yours truly will be styling a table with vintage/thrift finds from Arc’s Value Village (a Twin Cities area thrift store) that will be displayed at the Junk Bonanza? Even better, do you know that you can enter a drawing at the Bonanza to win all the beautiful items on the table? I have begun shopping and creating and will share some sneak peeks with you in my next post….

Happy Junking!

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  1. Oh Jill I CAN’T WAIT to meet these GREAT Vendors….WOOHOO….So close now I’ve dusted off my passport & started packing my bags…. :o)

    49 Days to go….!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing your FABULOUS table….!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

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