Lori Miller is the owner of the Round Barn Potting Company, a fabulous home decor and antiques store located in Andover, Minnesota.

And guess what?

This year, Lori will be a Junk Bonanza vendor!

After taking last year off, Lori enthusiastically returns as a vendor and promises that her booth will definitely have a “wow factor”. When Lori was asked what makes her “heart skip a beat” when she finds it, she said definitely anything with white chippy paint and zinc with rust…..hmmmmmm, that sounds a bit familiar. Lori, you and I would make a great junking duo!

Lori is one talented lady. Besides owning the Round Barn Potting Company, doing all the buying and styling for the store, producting a line of greeting cards (lori miller vintage design), Lori is a FULL-TIME Cardiac Nurse Clinician! She told me she does not sleep…..I’m kidding, but seriously, when???

Go check out Lori’s Bonanza space…heck, bring her a double espresso, she may need it!

Ok junkers, how would like to win a Junk Bonanza t-shirt?

In order to be entered in the giveaway, please leave me a comment describing your best junking experience, whether that means a great find, meeting a favorite vendor, a day spent with friends/sister/mother/daughter etc….

You must be a Junk Bonanza blog Follower to be entered.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 15.

If you Twitter, blog or Facebook about the giveaway you will be entered twice!

Only 65 days until Junk Bonanza 2010!

Happy Junking!

15 Responses

  1. WOOHOO Jill….It’s SO close now I can feel it….THANKS for the intro to another AWESOME Vendor….!!

    ….hmmmmmmm….My BEST junking experience….You know there have been so MANY it’s hard to pick one so I’ll cheat a bit & just tell you the one about the time I found my FAVE piece….!

    About 8 years ago I was cruising through the Hard Rubbish (curbside throwouts) & out the corner of my eye, BURIED under about 4ft of ‘stuff’ I spied the pink & cream nose of the horse you can see in my blog header….!

    It took me a little over an hour to uncover him & to my DELIGHT, he was in ONE piece & just as DELICIOUS as my heart led me to believe he would be….I ADORE him to pieces & would NEVER part with him….!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. My best junking experience so far was meeting Ki and Larry in my booth at the flea market in What Cheer,Iowa.Ki is the greatest and Larry is a hoot,we all had a good laugh.
    I would love a T shirt and wear it proudly if I win.
    I really enjoy learning about all the vendors,you are doing a great job. Ginger

  3. My best junking experience (one of them, anyway) was one Fri. when I stumbled on a garage sale where the people had gone to Mississippi & taken everything out of an old cabin that had been closed up for over 30 yrs. I bought amazing quilts & even got the doors off the cabin with original handmade hardware. My heart still beats fast when I think of it. I plan on coming to the Junk Bonanza this Sept. so could really use a t-shirt. Thanks, Jan

  4. Favorite junk jaunt? The one my daughter and I just returned from! And we went to the Round Barn Potting Company (FAB-U-LOUS) and met Lori (such a sweetie!) I sure wanted to take that santos home with me! But I found MANY other treasures that are still in the sacks that haven’t been unpacked.

    I would sleep in that t-shirt (gotta be a big one!) for the next 65 days if I won so my dreams would include Junk Bonanza!

  5. I’m so excited!!! My sister, cousin, and I will be attending Junk Bonanza for the FIRST TIME!!!!

    I know I’ve found something special when the three of us are tripping over ourselves trying to grab “it”, whatever “it” is.

    I need this shirt!!!

  6. My best junking experience…hmmm…see I never called it “junking” cause all the “finds” I take home or put in the store are REAL treasures! Since I started doing this BEFORE internet or country magazines were published (1966)it was hard to explain to anyone that my “decor” was beautiful !! My best finds were my first- an old round butter churn (no feet or insides) but a perfect waste basket – if propped against the wall, a small barrel (confession – I did paint it olive green way back then) and a wooden 2 qt dry measure…THEY WERE MY FIRST FINDS (still own them) AND STARTED ME ON MY “JUNKING JOURNEY” and I never want to stop – I think you understand that feeling !!

  7. So glad I found your blog! I am now a follower and I’m new to the “junking” world…but loving it!!! My favorite junking day was a day out with my Mom. We stopped by a roadside place, didn’t look too appealing on the outside, but he had some great stuff….I found a framed vintage picture of a little girl and it was titled “Snow”…it was perfect because my Mom’s middle name is “Snow”! It’s like it was waiting for us!!!!LOL Thanks for the chance to win an awesome tshirt!!!

  8. I’m a follower Ki! One of my best memories was years ago with my sister when we came to one of the sales at the Junk Market and met you and Sue. I always try to time my visits to MN from So. CA around your shows and am planning to be there again in September! You have some of the best vendors at your Bonanza. One of my best finds ever at a garage sale was a set of 4 Waterford wine glasses for $5. They even match my pattern! The guy having the sale had no idea – just cleaning out his parents garage…Hugs, Erin

  9. My best junking experience was the first time I went! SOme friends of mine who are big collectors of bothe really expensive things and junk things invited me along to a show in Whatcheer, Iowa. I feel in love and have been pursuing the hobby ever since! Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Oh man! I can almost taste all the junk its coming so fast! Can’t wait to see you all there!
    Best experience. All in one day, without a plan…I hit 2 garage sales & a sidewalk sale…brought home an old water damaged lake print in pencil. Fits perfectly in my cabin/jnk basement. An old chippy green barn door, blue ball jars, an old dilapidated lamp and a vintage polka dotted lamp shade. Also hit an antiques store and grabbed 3 tin ceiling tiles. All this for $50!

    I’ve also posted a link on FB and am a follower!

  11. My best junking experience was today when my mother called to tell me they are hauling stuff out of a house and putting it by the curb for FREE! I was at WORK! Coworkers encourage me to take off to get some good junk. I returned with an apple basket, several metal trays, 2 glass dishes, an old raggedy andy doll, an silver bagel toaster (works!) and a table. It was such a rush trying to get there before anyone else discovered my secret treasures! Now all i need is a nice junkin t shirt to make my day even better!

  12. I havn’t had too many junking experiences YET! Im headed to Caton, TX in 2 wks & im SO excited! I love love love finding junk & fixing it up real nice. The best junk finds i’ve found are from my own barn in my back yard that came with our house. The people before us left tons of great junk. My favorite find is a beautiful antique lamp from the 1940’s made in New York. Its absolutely amazing, not to mention FREE! I also found tons of table legs i made into candle sticks & a nice hanging lamp i put on a shelf! I would LOVE to have a junkin shirt to wear to Canton on my trip!! 🙂

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