One of the questions I have asked Bonanza vendors is, “what is your favorite Junk Bonanza memory?”. A good question, yes? I guess if you have been a vendor before, but for those first-timers, not so relevant, right?

The two first-timers I am going to introduce you to gave such great responses to the question, “what is your favorite Junk Bonanza memory?” that I had to share them with you.

Urban Farm Girl said, “This is my first year, so I don’t have any memories yet…but I fully intend on making loads of fabulous ones this year!”

Mary, aka “Urban Farm Girl” came into the junk business by accident, quite literally. When recovering from a surgery following an auto accident she discovered the world of Ebay and started selling some of her creations and vintage goodies. She went on to do shows and has never looked back.

Mary is bringing great junk to the Bonanza. You can expect to find old signs, vintage paper, dress forms, old mirrors and painted furniture (her specialty!).

Mary is celebrating her 10th year in business – can’t think of a better way to do that than being a Junk Bonanza vendor!

Amy from Little Fish Designs said,”The overwhelmingness of it all…..i LOVE it!”

Amy was born into an “antique-loving” family and has always been a junker of some sort. She is a full-time freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mommy (to three boys!)in addition to creating fabulous jewelry using vintage pieces.

Some of the items you will find in Amy’s booth are flatware jewelry, typewriter jewelry, hardware jewelry, soldered pieces, ball jar lighting, hair-ware (vintage barrettes, headbands etc..)and beer bracelets (you will just have to check them out for yourself…).

And the winner of the giveaway…..Judy from the Spice Cupboard! Please email me at so I can get you your Junk Bonanza t-shirt!

Happy Junking!

2 Responses

  1. Just found your blog, and I love it! You feature so many great people. Wonderful inspiration:)
    Thanks, will follow.
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyy Judy….CONGRATULATIONS on your win….!!

    I’m A BIG fan of Mary’s already & can’t wait to see her at Junk Bonanza….!!

    Thanks for the intro Jill to Amy at Little Fish Designs….I’ll pop in & visit with her tonight….!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

    *** 61 Days to Junk Bonanza….HOTDIGGITYDAWG…***

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