Wow! Thank you for such a warm and enthusiastic welcome! I had so much fun reading all your comments on my first post. It is obvious that there is a lot of enthusiasm out there for Junk Bonanza 2010 – flights are being booked, hotels reserved, road trips mapped and girlfriends gathered. I even heard from a woman who will be coming from Australia to attend her first Junk Bonanza!

I want to send a big shout out to all of you who signed up to follow this blog. I really look forward to our dialogue during the next three months and sharing our passion (or obsession!) for vintage shopping. If you have not signed up as a follower, I hope you will do so, it is a great way to get the latest information and details on the Bonanza and connect with others who are planning on being there too.

I have two more fantastic Junk Bonanza vendors to introduce you to. The first is Deb Haupt of Haupt Antiek. Deb got into the junk business about 14 years ago when she went to her first estate sale with a friend and has been enjoying the “thrill of the hunt” ever since. Deb’s best Junk Bonanza memories are her time spent with her fellow vendors/friends that are set up around her. She likes the positive and happy energy between Bonanza vendors.

When asked what she is bringing to the Bonanza this year, Deb answered, “I am looking forward to bringing found things that others can create with, lots of buttons, blocks, lids, cubbies, bottles and our special finds from the European flea markets – old linens, skeleton keys & vintage lighting. The level of creativity that the customers bring to Junk Bonanza and what they can think of is my inspiration.” Doesn’t this sound fantastic?

Deb owns a shop called Haupt Antiek Market in Apple Valley, Minnesota that is open just four days a month for “event shopping”, with each month featuring a new theme and new vintage inventory. Included in her sales are 12 vendors that add their creativity, enthusiasm and great design to the mix.

The second vendor I would like to introduce you to is Junk{re}defined, a business run by three sisters. Together, the sisters have been doing junk projects for years for the last 10 years and will be selling at the Junk Bonanza for their third year – one sister also owns and operates a B&B/Tearoom, another is an office manager and the other is a dental hygienist, proving that junkers are also great multi-taskers!

When asked what they will be bringing to the Bonanza this year, Junk{re}defined answered, “let’s see, some chrome and vintage restaurant items, 1940-50’s kitchen wares, farm and industrial items and items that we are still gathering!”

Now, I bet you’re wondering who the winner of the giveaway is?

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The winner is Saganaga from the blog “nest full of eggs“! Congratulations, please email me at to receive your two Early Bird tickets!

Only 101 days until the Junk Bonanza!


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  1. It’s so exciting that you are writing about the vendors. I know both of these from last year, and the year before. And I know Jane too. I feel a real connection to the Bonanza even down here in TX.
    See you in Sept.

  2. Oh I’m looking forward to attending my 3rd Junk Bonanza! My sister lives in MN and I try to visit every year at this time. Erin

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