What’s a Junk Bonanza without some fabulous jewelry artists who specialize in using vintage parts in their work. I am so excited to introduce you to first time Junk Bonanza vendor Beth Quinn of Beth Quinn Designs!

Beth is a full-time mixed media artist who lives in Arizona with her husband and two boys. She loves using anything vintage in her designs – old parts of jewelry, vintage flowers and millinery, vintage laces and old found bits and baubles. She has been designing and making her jewelry for three years which can be found in boutiques all over the world.

You can expect to see a wide variety of jewelry pieces from Beth at the Junk Bonanza – necklaces, bracelets, glittered charms, earrings and rings. Oh, and she also told me she is making some special pieces just for the Bonanza!

And guess what?

Beth has been kind enough to offer one of her pieces for a giveaway on the Junk Bonanza blog! I just know all you junk fans will want to win this fabulous piece…I really wish I could! I just may have to go to Beth’s website and order one for myself!

In order to be entered in the giveaway simply do the following:

1. Leave me a comment telling me when you discovered your inner junk girl!

2. If you have a blog – post about the giveaway to be entered twice!

3. Post about the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter.

I will close entries on Sunday at midnight CST and announce the winner on Monday!

Good luck everyone!


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  1. Oh Jill how EXCITING & how GORGEOUS…. :o) !!

    I think I discovered my ‘inner Junk Girl’ when I was 7yrs old….I remember driving home from my Grandparents house after Christmas & my mum was having a hissy fit to my dad that Nanna had recycled the Christmas wrapping papper from the previous year again….I piped up & said I LOVED that she used the old paper again because of the pretty Angel pattern….After all these years that memory still makes me smile & connects me to my Nanna who I lost in my teens….And I ALWAYS save my wrapping paper….!!!

    I’ll be sure & blog about the give away tonight when I get home from work….!!

    91 days to go….WOOHOO….!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. I discovered my “inner Junk Girl” when I was just a girl, maybe 12 or 13. I always gravitated towards the “old and tattered” stuff, it drove my sister crazy….now she gets it! Better late than never…..

  3. I discovered my “inner junk girl” when I found an old Christmas card from the late 1800’s that my Grandmother had written to her father. That started my love of old illustrations and paper items… which led to lots of other addictions like glassware, milk glass, old silverware… you name it! And I LOVE this necklace! 🙂

  4. OH I would love to win this wonderful piece! I first remember discovering my inner junk girl at around 10 years old. I remember accompanying my dad to bring a load to the town dump and just being amazed at all the great stuff out there…

  5. I love Beth Quinn’s designs!! This is an awesome giveaway!!!

    My parents took me to auctions and yard sales as a kid. It’s always been in my blood!! I learn how to recover chairs and paint furniture when I was a little girl!!

  6. I would love to be entered in this lovely giveaway! I have been a junk girl for as long as I can remember. I went to auctions with my mom as a young girl and I bought treasures way back then. I still have an old box that I purchased when I was young!!

  7. I have always had my inner junk girl since I was small and used junk to make art! But NOW I am so happy to re-do something that would be a cast off or junk! I love your blog and enjoy your posts! Thank you…

  8. What a fantastic giveaway! I am so glad that I found your blog. I discovered my inner junk girl when I was a single mum with a very small income! I love finding a bargain and repurposing someone else’s junk into something I treasure! Please count me in. xx

  9. That piece is gorgeous!
    I didnt discover my “inner junk girl”until
    several years ago..I was a city girl who married a country boy who actually moved me out in the country..Took some getting used to but now I love it!Before it was only the best stores..now its only the best yard sales,flea markets, & dumpsters..lol..bring’em on!

  10. I can’t remember the exact time, but it was when I would see things and think….I can do that. Or maybe it was….I can make that better, and at a cheaper cost to me.
    I love it. Just wish I could do it more. But time and space currently don’t allow for a whole lot of it. 🙁

  11. My dad had the Sanford syndrome and I’ve inherited it. Remember having a matchbox full of rhinestones that fell out of things as a kid and the devastation I felt when it was left at an aunt’s house and never got it back. Sparkly things just sing!

  12. I think being a junk girl is in my genes. I remember my dad bringing boxes of “stuff” home from auctions & being so excited to go thru them. Hopefully, I’ll be in Shakopee in Sept & would love a chance to win the necklace. Jan

  13. I found my inner junk girl a couple of years ago, when cabinet photos and hat pins began calling my name. Now old books, maps, paper, vintage jewelry, etc., all hold a special place in my heart.


  14. 1991 ~ I started making crafts to sell and noticed some of the old stuff other venders were selling. In my garage sale searches for craft supplies, I found myself drawn to more of the little junky odds & ends than to finer antiques. So began my severe addiction…

  15. I found the true me when I married a farmer and he took me to live with him on a farm with barns and sheds and piles of old, rusty pieces of junk! Of course, he didn’t understand my love for anything rusty and hated it when I disrupted his piles! But now he looks for my kind of stuff at auctions and gets crazy comments when he bids on junk!

  16. I think I found my inner junk girl when I got my first big girl bike from my parents. I was 11 and my parents did not have money to buy me a pink huffy with sparkles. I received a mint green crusier bike from the 50s. I LOVED it!!! I was so proud of my new digs~ and ever since then I love old funky things!! We recently bought my daughter a cruiser and I have fallen in love all over again!!

  17. As a little girl I would dream about us moving to a different house where the owners had left every thing in the attic. I dreamed of rummaging through old trunks and finding all sorts of goodness!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Hi I discovered my inner junk girl when I spent my summers with my Grandparents. I collected rock and old bottles . Love all that stuff…Stanna (shabbyloft@aol.com)

  19. Hello again Jill….Just a quick note to let you know I’ve blogged about this DELISHOUS give away over at my place….!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  20. Have loved junk and rust almost as long as I am old. My first foray into junking was around the age of 5 when my parents went digging in an abandoned house…I was hooked!
    I’ll be sure and mention your giveaway and add it to my sidebar.
    Her jewelry is fantastic. My motto is “If you can’t see my bling from across a field…it isn’t big enough!”

  21. lol…my hubby said, upon my reading your giveaway, “but hon, (he casts his eyes around the room) I think your INNER JUNK GIRL thing has exploded…” heck put me in…lol…that way the WORLD would know…going to post it on my blog too!

  22. I remember it well…the summer of 1982. I was 8 and my dad would take me and my sisters to the Thrift Stores every single Saturday while mom got a little time for herself! Great memories! ~Kristen

  23. I have been a junk girl since birth! My parents owned an antique shop and we would hit every yard sale, thrift store and fleamarket each weekend. My parents home was decorated beautifully with pieces found at these places. I grew up knowing it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to have a beautiful home.

  24. I really don’t know when I became a junk girl. I have always loved old things and it just evolved. My 17yr old daughter has started making jewerly out of old things.
    I sure hope I win this!

  25. I love that necklace! I discovered my inner junk girl after stepping foot in my friend Rachael’s house and I fell in love with all her “Junky” things. I never felt right with the way my house was turning out and then I realized that I was decorating like my mom instead of using what I love. After that, my style changed and I love it!

  26. I found your blog by linking from one blog list to another. I will often do that look for a blog I haven’t read and go to it. I am so glad I found yours it speaks to my heart.

  27. What a charming necklace!! I found my inner junk girl early as I always loved old things. I think it became serious when I found an old pair of red shoes at a rummage sale from the 40’s and bought them. My Mom kept asking me why?? Because they are cool!!! Wish I still had them, over the years they have been lost, that’s ok I collect many things now!

  28. My inner junk girl came out when I decorated my first home with no extra funds to do so. I found myself at every garage sale, swap meet, and thrift store in town. I decorated entire rooms with second-hand furniture and accessories. I have some new things now, but I still like the “old.”
    Love the jewelry — thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I don’t know for sure when I started embracing my inner junk girl but I remember as a little girl wanting to save bubble gum wrappers, bottle caps and any bit or bob that attracted my eye. Three years ago I started blogging and found myself creating mixed media jewelry and art. Once again I started looking at every bit or bob that may have been “junk” to someone else as a treasure to use in a new creation. I adore Beth’s creations and would love to win this piece.

  30. hi my inner junk started when I first started going to yard sales, I am quite crafty and well I am hooked. Thank you for the chance at winning this lovely necklace. I just became a follower too. have a great weekend.

  31. I would proudly wear this beautiful necklace and let the world know that I discovered my inner junk girl!
    My inner junk girl discovery occurred in high school when given a choice to go on a senior class trip to Europe or get an antique white iron and brass bed. Of course I took the bed! I still remember the chippy white flowers and wonderful brass finials.

  32. What a fabulous giveaway! I hope to win! I found my inner junk girl when I was very young. I had to be creative..and came up with mismatched odds and ends to play “house and restaurant” with ha!! I’m so going to follow your blog! how fun! Check out mine as well!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  33. My parents used to take me to antique shows when I was little. My dad was always bringing home JUNK he found on the side of the road or on jobsites. One time he brought home an OLD trunk from the landfill that was filled to the brim with goodies like antique baby shoes, embroidered linens and fun emphmera!

  34. Just found your blog! Its great! I have always loved junk but the older I get I think why buy anything new! I am at my happiest junking!

  35. I think I have always known my inner junk girl. I remember having hours of fun sorting through my grandma’s junk drawers. I have always been attracted to anything previously loved. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. I really came late to junking! My friend loves shopping goodwill & thrift stores & she converted me. I have loved yard sales for years. I love antiquing too! So now I am hooked!! Enter me for the fabulous necklace!


  37. I grew up with “Thrifty” parents. Although I can’t say I appreciated that fact when I was a teenager! But I still have a little white china trinket box I got sometime in HS. I’ve done different crafting over the years but have been making my own style of “junk” jewelry for a couple years now.

    Would love to win this piece, thanks for the generous opportunity, Susanne.

  38. I began my “junkgirl” career at 7 years old after a visit to a dirty old red barn in Bucks Co. PA. I found a set of Monkeys trading cards (the band, you know, “Hey, Hey we’re the Monkeys”)in the bottom of a box of dishes. I got the cards, my Mom got the dishes, beautiful ironstone! Love the necklace, hope I get lucky!

  39. I discovered my inner “junkgirl” about 30 years ago. Not much money and two little boys to dress ~ thus began my introduction to second hand stores. It didn’t take me long to discover that those stores had a whole lot more than great clothing buys in them! I’ve been thrifting and junking every since!

  40. I discovered my inner junk girl when I first opened an issue of Country Home magazine and fell in love with the ideas and photos. That was at least a couple of years ago. So excited to be attending the JB this fall!

  41. I don’t remember when I discovered my inner junk girl because I raised in a family of junkers. It’s always been a part of my life. This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  42. you know i don’t remember. i’ve always loved old things, especially old houses. just things with history have always intrigued me!

  43. I discovered my inner junk girl when I was little and went to my first garage sale. I found a real stuffed squirrel on a branch and HAD to have it as a pet. Pretty gross when I think about it now, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  44. I want to play!
    Oh, she’s always been here…ever since I played house in the abandoned house down the road as a little girl…she’s just been given full reign as of late! I’ll add this to my sidebar!

  45. Hi!
    I discovered my inner “junkness” when my Dad was cleaning out my grandmother house. I wanted an little end table that was about to fall apart…”It’s Just Junk!” he said. But I remember it setting by the “big” bed upstairs. ‘I’ll fix it” I said, and in the back of the truck it went.

  46. I seem to be ALWAYS late to the party … but this one is just too fabulous to miss!

    My inner junk girl was discovered early in childhood at the age of 8 yrs old, my family lived in Germany and we would go to the flea market on the Rhine river each weekend in Frankfurt … my O’ma also took me to every goodwill and salvation army we passed! It all kinda sunk in.

    I’m adding your button to my side bar and will be anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of the give-away … thank you for the opportunity to win!!

    {extra points for having the same name?? Kidding!}

    ps… I’m tweeting as well

  47. Love me some junk!! I love to go rummaging & find incredible things that someone has decided to part with & give it new life! Fun blog – I just found you – will check back often.


  48. Oh Beth . . . this is fabulous . . . a chance to win one of your precious precious pieces. I discovered my inner junk girl at a young age. I loved collecting it and making it into art. My mom also inspired the inner junk girl in me. I am still an inner junk girl . . . the love has grown and I create with a lot of ‘beautiful junk’. Thanks for the chance and it’s 11:20 here in So Cal. Off to share on FB!

  49. I discovered my inner junk girl when I moved to the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities and learned of these wonderful women in Long Lake who re-purposed junk!

  50. It was around 1974. My mom threw away an old canister and I dug it out of the trash and modpodged holly hobbie wrapping paper on it and used it for a jewelry box. I LOVED IT!!! and have loved other peoples junk ever since!!!!

  51. What a beautiful necklace!!
    Well, this was a long long time ago… I’ve always collected anything, it’s in my genes, my grandfather did so too!

  52. My Mama always said she knew I was a junk girl when I would rather be in Pop’s garage going thru his boxes of auction goodies than in the house baking! Beautiful necklace to sooth any inner junk girls soul!

  53. What lovely pieces ~ I love Beth’s work!

    I am so happy that I will be able to attend this event. As a featured designer at TCC, I am counting on spending a day with you guys too!

    See you soon,

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