Hello! I am thrilled beyond belief that Ki asked me to write this Junk Bonanza blog! First, it gives me a sneak peak into all the behind the scenes goings on at Junk Bonanza headquarters {which of course, I totally intend to share with you} but more than that, it allows me to get to know all the fabulous Bonanza vendors! Because, when it comes right down to it, what would the Junk Bonanza be without all the creative vendors/purveyors of extraordinary junk!

You may remember me from last year’s Bonanza, I was the “Thrifty Mom” who created the tablescape, for less than $100, shopping only at Arc’s Value Village, a Twin Cities area thrift store. This year, I will be doing something similar – shopping Arc’s Value Village once again to show stylish and fun ways to re-use and re-make everyday items that you can easily find at thrift shops!

But more importantly, and probably like you, I am a Junk Bonanza shopper, a girl who loves the thrill of the hunt and the way my heart skips a beat when I find something that is perfectly imperfect.

The first vendor I chose to introduce you to happens to be a friend, Jane Hall of Mustard Moon. Many of you probably know Jane also coordinates the vendor booths for the Junk Bonanza. Jane personifies the energy and essesence of Junk Bonanza vendors!

The photos above are of Jane’s space at Junk Bonanza 2009 – it was fabulous, full of vintage industrial style. Think she might repeat this look at JB 2010? She is keeping that a secret. When asked what she was bringing this year, Jane replied, “I am never sure until I pull out in the driveway and go hmmmmm what should I bring?”

Jane hosts a monthly occassional sale at her shop Mustard Moon in Carver, Minnesota and was recently featured in Flea Market Style magazine. She says she “eats, sleeps, reads, thinks and feels and loves junk…that is all”. She started selling vintage when she rented a small space to get rid of some “junk” hoping to be able to stay home with her “kidlets”. The rest is junk history!

When asked her favorite Junk Bonanza memory Jane responded, “handing out candles to the vendors who spent an afternoon in the dark when a transformer for lights went down in the main building and handing out rain bonnets to the vendors in the tent when the monsoon rains blew through the tent!” Now that is a memory!

In celebration of the my first post, Ki has graciously offered to giveaway two Early Bird tickets to the Junk Bonanza! To enter, all you have to do is become a Follower of the Junk Bonanza blog and leave a comment on this post, it’s that easy! I will announce a winner on my next post.

I really look forward to “meeting” many of you in blogland. Please feel free to let me know in the comments section any questions you have or any specific posts you would like to see.

Let the countdown to Junk Bonanza 2010 begin! {only 109 days!}


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  1. I’m so psyched to attend Junk Bonanza!!! It’s been a great junkin year so far…went to Mustard Moon in March and Henke’s Old Crow sale a few weeks ago. Please, pick me, pick me!!!

  2. Of course I’m going to follow this blog and learn all about the ins and outs of Junk Bonanza! This will be my 3rd year of attending! I sure could use those early bird tickets! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. oh how i *love* me some good junk…sigh…
    rust = bliss :0)
    i have wanted to attend the bonanza for awhile now…holding my breath!

  4. Of course following this blog is a given. And I’d love to win tickets as this is one of many events on my “bucket list”.
    thanks for giving us a back stage pass to the vendors as they are the true visionaries that we all learn from.

  5. I’m now a follower and would LOVE to win the tickets. I’ve never been to Junk Bonanza but am planning on visiting for the first time this year – from Canada!

  6. Jill, great first post. Yeah! And what a great vendor to highlight. Jane is first class. Funny, those were my favorite moments of the bonanza, too (though I wasn’t the one handing things out). For those of you who haven’t been there yet, it is worth the trip!


  7. the blog is great I can’t wait to read about all the vendors I am now a follower & would love to win tickets .I met Ki this spring and she is a fantastic gal. I wish I had 1/4 of her energy. pick me pick me

  8. Oh Jill, this is great that you are authoring another blog (how do you do it?) I would love the chance to win two early bird tickets…the weekend of the junk bonanza, I will be turning the big 5-0 and have friends coming into town from all over the U.S. of A… We are planning on spending the day at the junk bonanza and wouldn’t it be fun if we could win some early bird tickets! By the way, we love the new location at Canterbury.

  9. What a great way to start out the blog with Jane of Mustard Moon. I love that girl, and her style. Excellent blogging intro. about Jane and a fun read indeed.
    JB is definitely an awesome event to attend, and I’ve been at each one since it started. Love it! Would love to win the tickets for a dear friend of mine that is coming into town.

  10. I’m so excited to read this!!! I am going to be able to make it to the Junk Bonanza – I have been a faithful lurker for some time and now can actually experience the love!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  11. I have the dates marked on the calendar for this year’s bonanza. I can’t wait to see what treasures I can find this year.

  12. We are new vendors this year too. So excited. It should be totally junktastic. Jane is the sweetest and has such cool junk. Can’t wait to see all of you. Only a few months to go! jojo

  13. Add me in please! I so wanna come to the “party”! That is what it seems like while reading everyones blogs about their trips in the past!!

  14. OMG JILL….! I’m breathing into a paper bag here….I so want an early bird ticket I could BUST….Congrats on your first post on Ki’s blog….I hope it’s the first of many….!

    Now I’ve just popped over from Margo’s (robolady) blog & she said to say she sent me so I have & she DID…. :o) !!

    I so CAN’T WAIT to attend my FIRST Junk Bonanza….!!

    Cheers & YAHOO from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  15. Yay! Can’t wait! Looking forward to all the excitement leading up to the fabulous event. I became a follower too. Thanks!

  16. Syd and Harper are very excited to follow Junk Bonanza’s blog! Congratulations for being asked to write the blog, you are off to a great start:) We will definitely be visiting often to continue to be inspired by all of you.

  17. So glad I found the blog. And of course I am now following it. Went to my first Junk Bonanza last year with a couple of friends. We will be doing things different this year…no leaving Iowa around 4:30am to get there for the Early Bird hours. We will be spending the night in a hotel to be well rested for the big day. Impatiently waiting for the tickets to go on sale. 🙂

  18. I’m excited to be attending the JB this Fall (Sat. visit) along with my trip to The Creative Connection event in MN. Go Mustard Moon, love that style!

  19. Can’t wait for Junk Bonanza! My mom and I are coming up from SE Iowa for this!!!! Counting down the days…. Anxiously awaiting early birds to be available to purchase…OR…better yet, win the tickets.

  20. No fair! I want to live in the Midwest now so I can go to the Junk Bonanza. The pictures make me drooooool. There’s gotta be something like this in the southeast, I just have to find it!

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