JBdogsVeteran Minneapolis Junk Bonanza vets, Kris and Mark Hutson of Treasured Nest in Woodstock, IL, have two new girls in the house: real junkyard dogs!


Not quite a year old, sisters Ava and Gretta are English bulldogs. Once older, they will be trained  to visit the elderly and veterans in therapy sessions, Kris says.

JBdog1“The girls love life on the road and are in the truck before we are done loading because they know we’re off to a show,” Kris says. “We lost a dear English bull last year and these girls are following in her paw prints; they are true junkyard dogs!”

Kris, we can’t wait to see you and Mark when you arrive for the Minneapolis Junk Bonanza, April 16-18!

Thanks for sharing snaps of your new canine pals. Bully for them!


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  1. Can’t wait to meet your girls!!! Already love them! One of these days I’ll make it to a Junk Bonanza. Until then, remember me, the Bees, my Girls – chix and my boys – pyrs. Happy Junkin’!!!

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