Bonanza Vendors and Friends in New Ventures!

The Junk Bonanza is proud to see its vendors and friends explore new venues! Urban Americana is a newly opened antiques and design collective in Long Beach, Calif. The Uber Chic Home boys, Dustin and Chris, are part of this ‘s new venture in the Zaferia Design District, in a cool mid-century modern warehouse! Check out Urban […]

JB Vendor Uber Chic’s Latest Sale!

Our favorite Bonanza vendors from Utah have opened a downtown Los Angeles warehouse as a base for their occasional container sales!That would be the Uber Chic Home container sale!Ki, Taylor and pal Lisa Roberts were there this weekend to check it out!Junker paradise!Owners Dustin Rowser and Christian Brady worked all night, Ki noted, to stage this fabulous sale! Check out […]