Introducing the FMS Weddings Lab!

We’re hard at work on the details of the Weddings Lab that will debut at the Spring Junk Bonanza! We plan to key off of the great ideas and vintage fabulosity found on the pages of the premiere issue of Flea Market Style Weddings, but there will be even more vintage ideas, resources and inspiration […]

Win a Copy of Flea Market Style Weddings!

Junk Bonanza fans will surely enjoy the kindred sense of style in the very first issue of  Flea Market Style Weddings! Junk Bonanza Founder Ki Nassauer wears many hats! She is also executive editor of Flea Market Style magazine, and now, of its brand new sister publication, FMS Weddings! Copies are starting to arrive to some […]

Flea Market Style Weddings Cover Reveal!

Calling all fans of the vintage lifestyle! Flea Market Style has a new, sister publication, and here is the cover for the very first issue! Flea Market Style Weddings should be on newsstands later this month or early in January!(And you can pre-order a copy here if you like!) From the charming bouquet of map-made posies (styled by Elizabeth […]