The Junk Bonanza is pleased to welcome Canadian decorative painter and furniture refurbisher Linda Lock to Canterbury Park!
Appearing as part of the team for Hirshfield’s, a Bonanza gold-level sponsor, Lock will be demonstrating techniques and applications for Cottage Paint at several drop-in sessions during the Bonanza, where you’ll also get a chance to try your own hand with the paint!
(Right now, classes are skedded for noon on Thursday, and at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Friday and Saturday on the main floor. Details to come!)
Linda, who has been upcycling furniture and giving it her signature decorative paint job, for more than 20 years throughout Canada and several European countries, graciously took some time to answer our questions!
Here’s an excerpt:
The Junk Bonanza welcomes you! Is this your first trip to Minnesota?
Yes it is, and I’m really looking forward to it!
Tell us about how you came to invent Cottage Paint?
I don’t think I can clain to have invented it! Clay-based paint has been around for hundreds of years! But I did, however, have a hand in choosing colours [We’ll use the Canadian spelling!] and making sure the product performed up to expectations.
What do you think is its best attribute?
Two things. One, it will cover anything without any prep. And, I have nothing but respect for a paint that will adhere to glass! The other amazing attribute is that you can rub it off even after it has dried. This allows for a whole host of special treatments, especially when combined with image transfers.
Why is it a good fit for the junking community?
In a matter of an afternoon, we can transform an old piece into something totally unique and fresh!
You run a thriving refurbishing business. How did you get your start?
I’ve been painting in acrylics forever (or at least it feels that way) and when asked to test this new paint, well, I just couldn’t stop! One piece led to another, to another, until my house was full and then guess what? I just had to open a little shop! Now, not only do I get to repaint old furniture but I can also spread my enthusiasm and turn on all kinds of people to do it themselves as well.
Are you a junker?
Oh YES! And I can’t wait to attend the Bonanza! I think my only regret is going to be that some of the best pieces won’t fit in a suitcase!
[Editor’s note! At the Bonanza, Craters & Freighters is available for estimates and for shipping large items, and there are FedEx and UPS locations nearby!]
What are your favorite hunting grounds for vintage items?
Ther is a very quaint old antiques store in our area that is a never-ending supply of goodies. To say nothing of the pieces left on the sidewalks for anyone to claim.
Do you have a favorite refinished piece? What makes it special?
There was a little kitchen sideboard that was truly in trouble. Someone had replaced the top with arborite and lost all its knobs! The transformation was unbelieveable. Youd never know that arborite was under those beautiful new paint colors and that the new knobs hadn’t been there forever.
What CP colors or combos do you favor?
I think my favorite is Antique White. Hmm, maybe it’s Pea Soup. No, wait, Red Flag drybrushed over Aged Port looks awesome! Tomorrow, who knows what my favorite will be!
Let’s have your stats!
I’m a West Coast Canadian girl; mother, grandmother and soon to be great-grandmother! I have seven kids, most of whom have kids of their own, and two of the cutest little dogs on the planet! I love crafts of all kinds, gardening and anything that involves creativity, except cooking! Thank goodness my better half is a chef and owns a restaurant. At least I won’t starve!
What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I don’t feel particularly surprising! Hardworking, driven. But all in all, pretty predictable!
We predict you will be as taken with the amazing work of Linda Lock!
Can’t wait to see Linda and you at the Bonanza!

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