Junk Bonanza team member Irene Standa visited the North Shore Flea vintage market in suburban Chicago on Saturday.
Look who she ran into!
Longtime Bonanza vendor Billy Faulkenberry of Faulkenberry’s Antiques Lighting and Ceiling Tin!
He was wearing his Bonanza shirt, which he says is his uniform while he’s on the road!

She also visited with Sumaya Seccurro of STC Finds! STC was a first-time vendor during the Spring 2014 Bonanza!

 Irene loved finding this (60s? 70s?) vintage Lady Sunbeam manicure set!

 We had one like it at home in the linen closet while I was a preteen growing up on the prairie…

…but I think it is much cooler in this up cycled form!
What cool vintage items have you seen repurposed into lamps, lately?!

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